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M-2045-0068CAT30 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0069CAT40 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0138CAT45 Shank $837.00
M-2045-0071CAT50 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0292CAT60 Shank $1,739.10
M-2045-0077BT30 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0027BT40 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0038BT45 Shank $837.00
M-2045-0073BT50 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0186HSK A40 Shank $708.66
M-2045-0187HSK A50 Shank $844.44
M-2045-0188HSK A63 Shank $906.75
M-2045-0189HSK A80 Shank $1,098.33
M-2045-0190HSK A100 Shank $1,101.12
M-2045-0313CAPTO C4 Shank $767.25
M-2045-0346CAPTO C5 Shank $1,017.42
M-2045-0310CAPTO C6 Shank $690.99
M-2045-0311CAPTO C8 Shank $1,710.27
M-2045-0335KM63 Shank $1,420.11
M-2045-1831591KM63Y Shank (Mazak) $1,608.90
A-2045-0243½ in straight shank $222.27
A-2030-02521 in straight shank $222.27
A-2030-021125 mm straight shank $222.27
M-4071-0050CAT30 Shank $423.15
M-4071-0058CAT40 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0072CAT50 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0049BT30 Shank $434.31
M-4071-0057BT40 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0071BT50 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0048ISO30 DIN69871 Shank $423.15
M-4071-0069ISO40 DIN69871 Shank $404.55
M-4071-0044HSK E25 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0055HSK E32 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0054HSK E40 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0045HSK A32 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0046HSK A40 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0047HSK A50 Shank $664.02
M-4071-0129HSK A63 Shank $581.25
M-4071-0141CAPTO C4 Shank $809.10
M-4071-0066CAPTO C5 Shank $840.72
M-4071-0067CAPTO C6 Shank $840.72
M-4071-0065KM63 Shank $840.72
M-4071-0058-RICAT40 shank kit $550.56
M-4071-0057-RIBT40 shank kit $375.72
A-5625-100325 mm straight shank $222.27
A-5625-1004½ in straight shank $222.27
A-5625-10071 in straight shank $222.27

Shanks for OMP60, MP11, OMP600, RMP60 and RMP600 (spin-on, optical-on, radio-on) systems:

M-2045-0068 CAT30 Shank
M-2045-0069 CAT40 Shank
M-2045-0138 CAT45 Shank
M-2045-0071 CAT50 Shank
M-2045-0292 CAT60 Shank
M-2045-0077 BT30 Shank
M-2045-0027 BT40 Shank
M-2045-0038 BT45 Shank
M-2045-0073 BT50 Shank
M-2045-0186 HSK A40 Shank
M-2045-0187 HSK A50 Shank
M-2045-0188 HSK A63 Shank
M-2045-0189 HSK A80 Shank
M-2045-0190 HSK A100 Shank
M-2045-0313 CAPTO C4 Shank
M-2045-0346 CAPTO C5 Shank
M-2045-0310 CAPTO C6 Shank
M-2045-0311 CAPTO C8 Shank
M-2045-0335 KM63 Shank
M-2045-1831591 KM63Y Shank (Mazak)
A-2045-0243 1/2 in straight shank
A-2030-0252 1 in straight shank
A-2030-0211 25 mm straight shank

Shanks for OMP40-2, OMP400 and RMP40:

M-4071-0050 CAT30 Shank
M-4071-0058 CAT40 Shank
M-4071-0072 CAT50 Shank
M-4071-0049 BT30 Shank
M-4071-0057 BT40 Shank
M-4071-0071 BT50 Shank
M-4071-0048 ISO30 DIN69871 Shank
M-4071-0069 ISO40 DIN69871 Shank
M-4071-0044 HSK E25 Shank
M-4071-0055 HSK E32 Shank
M-4071-0054 HSK E40 Shank
M-4071-0045 HSK A32 Shank
M-4071-0046 HSK A40 Shank
M-4071-0047 HSK A50 Shank
M-4071-0129 HSK A63 Shank
M-4071-0141 CAPTO C4 Shank
M-4071-0066 CAPTO C5 Shank
M-4071-0067 CAPTO C6 Shank
M-4071-0065 KM63 Shank

OMP400 and RMP40 shank kits:
CAT40 shank kit
CAT40 shank
OMP60/RMP60 shank adaptor

BT40 shank kit
BT40 shank
OMP60/RMP60 shank adaptor

Shanks for OLP40 and RLP40:

A-5625-1003 25 mm straight shank
A-5625-1004 ½ in straight shank
A-5625-1007 1 in straight shank
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SettingsShanks and Toolholders removeØ12 mm datum ball removeDatum sphere fixing studs 5/16–18 UNC removePH10MQ PLUS removePH20 shank adaptor removePH20 small quill adaptor remove
ImageRenishaw, Shanks and ToolholdersRenishaw, Ø12 mm datum ball, A-1034-0005Renishaw, Datum sphere fixing studs M6 × 1, A-1034-0352Renishaw, PH10MQ PLUS, A-5863-6000Renishaw, PH20 shank adaptor, A-3007-1715Renishaw, PH20 small quill adaptor, A-3007-1716
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DescriptionA fixing stud is required with each kit to attach the pillar to the table surface. Select one from the list below.The PH10MQ PLUS can be mounted vertically inside the CMM’s quill for a greater working envelope by increasing the Z axis travel. The specification of the PH10MQ PLUS is identical to that of the PH10M PLUS, with the following exceptions: Head mounting: Direct to quill Dimensions: Length 73 mm, width 80 mm Weight: 730 g Part number: A-5863-6000
DimensionsN/A6 × 6 × 6 in6 × 6 × 6 in10 × 8 × 5 in6 × 6 × 6 in6 × 6 × 6 in
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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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