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With Ratchet Stop for constant force.
With SPC output (Series 343).
With a standard bar except 0 – 25mm and 0 – 1” model.
Supplied in fitted plastic case.

Direct GO/NO-GO judgment for massproduced parts.
Spindle diameter: 10.8mm (.425″)
IP protection level: 54
Supplied in fitted plastic case.

Mechanical digit counter with 0.01mm or .001″ reading for quick and error-free reading
With a standard bar except for 0-25mm / 0 -1” model.

Flanged spindle for measuring width,depth, and location of grooves inside/outside bores, and tubes.
Provided with two types of graduations for inside and outside measurements.
Non-rotating spindle type has two directional ratchet stop.(Measuring force: 0.7 – 1.2N)

Used for the zero point setting of outside micrometers.
Flat and lapped measuring faces.
Heat insulating handle to prevent expansion due to body temperature.
Supplied in fitted carton up to 500mm / 20” and wooden case for over 525mm / 21” Length

These stands are designed to allow bench-top use with hand micrometers or other gages.

Used for inspecting the flatness of micrometer’s or gage block’s measuring faces with high accuracy.
Supplied in fitted wooden case.

Designed to inspect parallelism and flatness of measuring faces of micrometers.
Each set consists of 4 thicknesses.
Supplied in fitted wooden case.