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M2 4 ball star, Ø0.5 mm ruby balls, 20 mm span
This multi-tip star stylus can be used where contact with different surfaces is needed without changing the stylus. Ruby is regarded as the industry standard for stylus tips. It is one of the hardest materials available and suitable for most applications. Due to adhesive pickup, ruby tips are not recommended for scanning aluminium parts.
Equivalent to Q-Mark part number: STR2-0520

Stem material Tungsten Carbide
Holder material Stainless steel
Tip material Ruby
Span 20 mm
Ball Dia 0.5 mm
Thread M2

M3 Ø10.0 mm Silicon Nitride ball, carbon fiber stem, L 75 mm, EWL 75 mm

Straight styli are designed to inspect simple features where direct, unobstructed contact with a measured surface is possible. A Carbon Fiber stem is very lightweight and ideal for applications where weight is critical. Silicon nitride is similar to ruby in terms of its physical properties. Its lower coefficient of friction makes it ideal for use with most scanning applications, particularly aluminum parts. Silicon nitride is not recommended for scanning cast iron due to abrasive wear.

Thread M3
Ball dia 10 mm
Stem material
Carbon Fiber
Tip material Silicon Nitride
Holder material Stainless steel
Centre styli N


mm in
A – Ball dia 10.00 0.40
B – Length 75.00 2.96
C – Stem Dia. 4.00 0.16
D – Effective Working Ler 75.00 2.96
Mass Grams 4.05

M4 stainless steel crash protection device, L 8 mm

Crash protection devices are designed to break when overtravel forces are exceeded and prior to any damage being caused to the probe. Recommended for use with spindle probes. A stainless steel stem offers excellent rigidity and is ideal for applications where weight is not critical.

Previous part number: M-5000-7582

Thread M4


mm in
Length 8.00 0.32
For use on LP2
Mass Grams 1.80

M4 stylus crank, L 38.8 mm by L 12.5 mm

A stylus crank is used to offset the stylus.

Stem material Stainless steel
Ball dia 4 mm
Tip material Ruby


mm in
Length 38.30 1.53
For use on LP2
Mass Grams 2.50

M5 Ø21 mm silver steel disc, 3 mm width, with roller

Disc styli are designed to inspect undercuts and grooves within bores which may be inaccessible to star styli. A range of disc styli offers a ‘radius end roller’ to enable groove width measurement. Silver steel tips are heat treated and precision ground to a high tolerance.

Material Silver steel
Disk diameter mm (in.) 21.0 (0.83)
Disk depth mm (in.) 3.0 (0.12)
Roller depth mm (in.) 5.0 (0.20)
Mass grams 5.23

The SCR200 stylus changing rack provides rapid, automatic changing of styli without the need to requalify probe tips. Installation and set-up of the system are achieved with minimal operator skill, as no special CMM cabling, software or communications are required. The SCR200 is powered and serviced entirely by the PI200-3 interface and is fully crashed protected.

The SCR600 is a passive stylus change rack for use with the SP600M and requires no electrical connections. It houses up to four stylus modules per rack. The rack kit includes two stylus changing modules and additional modules can be purchased separately.

The SCR600 holds up to four SP600 stylus modules for automatic changing and protects them from airborne contaminants. The SCR600 is easily mounted onto any CMM. Setting the SCR600 rack alignment and probe module changing co-ordinates requires minimal effort. SCR600 does not require any electrical connection for operation.

“The SP80H is a horizontal quill-mounted version of the SP80 probe that uses the same digital scale and readhead technology as the SP80 probe.”
“The SP80H is intended for use on horizontal arm machines and uses the standard SH80 stylus holder and KM80 quill mount. It uses the SCP80V for automated stylus changing.”
“It is able to carry Renishaw’s range of M5 threaded styli up to 500 mm long. Stylus configurations up to 300 g
unbalanced are possible.”