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M4 kit for TP7M

This kit contains the most commonly used styli for its thread/probe type.

Position Part number Description
1 A-5000-7796 M4 STY D8R L100 EWL100 d4.5CE
2 A-5000-7753 M4-M3 EXT L100CE
3 A-5000-7752 M4-M3 EXT L75CE
4 A-5000-7795 M4 STY D8R L50 EWL50 d4.5CE
5 A-5000-7751 M4-M3 EXT L50C
6 A-5000-7755 M4 EXT L50 d7.4CE
7 A-5000-7754 M4 EXT L30 d7.4CE
8 A-5000-7792 M4 ACC Center 5WAY
9 A-5000-7814 M3 HEM D30CE
10-11 A-5004-7597 M4-M3 EXT L9SS
12 A-5000-7610 M3 ACC Center 5WAY
13 A-5000-3627 M2 ACC Center 5WAY
14-18 A-5004-7592 M3-M2 EXT L5SS
19-20 A-5004-7587 M4 STYLUS TOOL
21-22 A-5004-7582 M2-M3 STYLUS TOOL
23 A-5004-7596 M4-M3 EXT L20SS
24 A-5000-7545 M4 STY D1R L19.5 EWL4 d0.7SS
25-28 A-5000-7547 M4 STY D2R L19 EWL8 d1.4SS
29 A-5000-7551 M4 STY D4R L18 EWL13 d3SS