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Renishaw’s interchangeable vision fixture (IVF) is ideal for machines 450 mm × 450 mm or larger.

The interchangeable vision fixture (IVF) makes holding parts an easy and efficient turnkey fixturing method. Easily switch multiple fixturing plates on and off the aluminum frame mounted to your vision system.
The anodized aluminum frame and acrylic fixture plates are custom-made to fit and mount to your specific vision machine taking into account the mounting of your probe rack and calibration artefacts.
Fixturing plates can be different sizes, depending on the size of your frame and parts and the number of parts you are inspecting. Plates are designed to use all, 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 of the frame’s total size and are equipped with handles to load on to the frame. Modular plates come with your choice of multi-hole or multi-window threaded hole pattern.
Interchangeable fixture plates can be modular with M4, M6 or 1/4-20 threaded holes (10 mm or 0.50 in OC) or Renishaw can design and build a custom fixture for your parts.
A combination of both modular and custom fixture plates can be made to fit the same IVF frame. Some parts are better suited for custom fixturing depending on the orientation, the complexity of the part and the frequency of the inspection.

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Compatible with any portable CMM, white light or laser system, our metrology tables give you the freedom to move about your workshop or metrology inspection area with ease.

Renishaw’s metrology fixture tables are available in standard sizes or custom sizes with fully customizable options such as drawers, shelves and monitor or laptop brackets.

For custom orders please contact us at 818-833-7777

The base plates locate and align to the rail using the integrated bronze location pins within the rail, whilst magnets secure them in position.
The rail can be positioned on the left, centre, right of the CMM’s granite, allowing multiple QuickLoad base plates and configurations to be used.
The rail can be secured directly onto the CMM’s granite using the provided bolts and locating washers, using a single or multiple rails.
This flexible fixturing system ensures it matches the holes on the CMM it is being installed on.
Note: Included: locating washers and M6, M8, M10, M12 & 1/4 20 cap head screws.

Renishaw’s QuickLoad™ corner (QLC) system is designed to fit your specific vision machine.

“This system is made to fit the lower left hand corner of your vision stage and the location of its mounting holes. The QuickLoad corner contains magnets that allow Renishaw’s vision acrylic base plates to snap into a precise and repeatable position, enabling quick and easy loading and unloading of
plates. Steel pins are pressed into the sides of the plate to fit the
magnets contained in the QLC.”
The edges of the QLC are serrated so that parts can be mounted directly against them with Renishaw fixturing components. This enables quick and easy viewing for inspection.

There are two plate options to choose from to accompany your QLC:

• Multi-hole – Set up multiple parts on the plate at one time. Ideal for fixturing parts of various shapes and sizes.

• Multi-window – Allows a clear, unobstructed view of your parts. Multi-window plates can accommodate numerous parts at one time with different size window options. Ideal for small part inspection.

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The QuickLoad rail system allows for increased speed and flexibility, while maintaining repeatability and reproducibility when loading and locating base plates onto a CMM.