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This kit contains the most commonly used styli for its thread/probe type.

The MCR20 module changing rack provides rapid automatic changing of probe modules without the need to requalify. Rack function is completely passive and does not require any electrical connections.

Installation and set-up of the system is achieved with minimal operator skill as no special software or communications are required. The rack base and docking port assembly incorporate hinged overtravel mechanisms to assist crash protection. The kits include two probe modules, a mounting kit, a location plate, and a PS2R stylus.

Mounting fixture: Single stud
Number of ports: 6
Repeatability of module change: Automatic < 1 μm/ Manual < 2 μm

A robust and reliable probe which is especially suited for manual CMMs. It is available in two versions with differing plug socket orientations:

TP1S cable connects vertically
TP1SM cable connects horizontally

TP2 5-way is the industry-standard probe for most CMM applications. Its compact dimensions are ideal for probing into restricted component features.

The TP20 is a 5-way or 6-way kinematic touch-trigger probe. Its two piece design comprises a probe body and detachable stylus module(s) which gives the ability to change stylus configurations either manually or automatically without requalification of the stylus tips. It affords significant time savings in inspection routines.

A direct replacement for the industry standard Renishaw TP2 probe, the TP20 probe system brings a range of new benefits to manual and DCC CMM applications, and can easily be retrofitted to existing TP2 installations.

The TP20 can be used on a wide range of Renishaw’s manual or motorized probe heads, either by direct mounting using the standard M8 thread or, alternatively, by using a PAA# adaptor to connect to an autojoint.

The TP200 and TP200B are electronic probes using strain gage technology which gives higher accuracy than kinematic touch-trigger probes. They combine outstanding metrology performance with superior functionality to produce a highly versatile DCC CMM probing system with excellent productivity.

The TP6 combines the robust characteristics of the TP1(S) with the repeatability of the TP2. It can be used on manual or DCC CMMs along with Renishaw’s vast range of heads and extensions. The TP6A incorporates an autojoint for use with the Renishaw autochange system, or for manual probe changing. The TP6A allows for fast probe exchange without redatuming.

The TP7M is designed to maintain a high level of accurate and reliable performance across a wide range of conditions. The TP7M must be used with either the PH10M probe head or a PH6M fixed head.

The TP7M EP (enhanced performance) is capable of achieving a 3D accuracy of < 0.6 μm tested to ISO 10360 Part 2.