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The full potential of the SP25M system may be realized when the flexible change rack option is incorporated. Based on the versatile FCR25 triple-port rack unit, which allows any of the SP25M system elements to be rapidly exchanged in any of the ports, this is undoubtedly the most adaptable rack system yet from Renishaw. The FCR25 mounts directly to Renishaw’s MRS modular rack system. Alternatively, compact 3-port and 6-port ‘standalone’ racks are available which incorporate FCR25.

The SP25M is actually two sensors in one! – enabling the user to SCAN for form measurement or reverse engineering and TOUCH TRIGGER PROBE (TTP) for geometry.
Highly accurate scanning performance with (M3) stylus lengths from 20 mm to 200 mm together with the ability to carry Renishaw’s TP20 range of touch-trigger probe modules mean that the SP25M system provides unmatched flexibility to optimize a measurement solution to suit the application
The probe is just 25 mm in diameter, compatible with Renishaw’s PH10M/MQ, PH6M and PHS1 probe heads, and can also be mounted using a multiwired extension bar. Together these combinations permit excellent reach and access to part features.

The SP600M is an autojointed, multiwired analog scanning probe which enables a CMM to gather large amounts of data very rapidly for inspection or digitizing purposes. Low spring forces allow scanning of finely detailed parts. The probe can be used with a PH10M or PH6M probe head and is compatible with the Renishaw autochange system.

The SP600Q is a quill-mounted version of the SP600M probe. It can therefore be connected directly to the quill of a CMM and an external cable carries the probe signal to the interface card.

“The SP80 is a quill-mounted scanning probe that uses digital scale and readhead technology, plus Renishaw’s innovative isolated optical metrology principles, to provide exceptional scanning performance, even with long styli.”
It is able to reach deep into parts by carrying styli up to 500 mm long and 500 g mass, including star configurations which do not require counterbalancing. Renishaw’s M5 styli products are designed to complement SP80 and ensure maximum performance.
Detachable stylus holders (SH80) permit rapid and repeatable interchange between stylus configurations, thus eliminating recalibration, maximizing productivity and permitting optimum solutions to match the application
A simple and robust passive design, with no internal motors to generate heat or reliability issues, avoids unnecessary system complexity.
The SP80 probe body houses the sensor mechanism comprising a ‘box’ spring motion system and the isolated metrology system featuring high accuracy digital scale and readheads.
Longer stylus lengths may be carried subject to operating conditions (consult Renishaw for application assistance).