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1 ¼–20 cone pointer stylus for Faro arms with 30° angle, L 75 mm

Faro styli are specially designed for use with Faro arms. Zirconia is a particularly tough ceramic material with hardness and wear characteristics approaching those of ruby. Its surface properties make it an ideal material for aggressive scanning applications on cast iron components.

Equivalent to Q-Mark part number: QMFP-S30-C

Ball dia. mm (in.) N/A
Length mm (in.) 57


Stem material Stainless steel
Thread M1.25-20 UN
Tip material Tungsten carbide

OMP40-2 accessories and replacement parts

½ AA battery (2 pack)

The two-way adaptor allows two datum balls to be positioned horizontally to the datum ball’s primary axis. This capability may be required when calibrating star styli.
Previous part number: M-1034-0042
Thread: M6

2x M1.4 Adaptor 20°

D3 MTG 2x M1.4 Adaptor
Mass Grams 9.73

* Special order
Thread: M6

Assortment of screws kit for Zeiss

10 spring-lock washers FS 5×7
2 cheese-head screws M5x12
2 cheese-head screws M5x20
4 grub screws 10 mm long
2 grub screws 25 mm long

Part Number A-5555-0241
Zeiss Order Number 600341-8590
Weight 27 g

Break stem kit for MP7, 8, 9, 10
Crash protection devices are designed to break when overtravel forces are exceeded and prior to any damage being caused to the probe. The captive link prevents the loss of the stylus.

C spanner , DK 11 mm, for Zeiss

DIN 1810

Part Number A-5555-0243
Zeiss Order Number 602030-0045
DK 11 mm

C spanner , DK 21 mm, for Zeiss

DIN 1810

Part Number A-5555-0244
Zeiss Order Number 602030-0044
DK 21 mm