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Bench Top Type Non-contact Measuring System

High Accuracy Non-contact Measuring System
– Capable of measuring down to 5?m outside diameter*1.
– Provides ultra-high accuracy of ±0.3?m over the entire measuring range (5?m to 2mm).
– Ultra-high speed measurement of 3200 scan/sec.
– Suitable for high-speed lines or in applications subject to vibration.

‘- Non-contact laser-based measuring system, mainly for outside diameter measurement.Suitable for delicate or moving workpieces.
– Accuracy of ±0.5?m in the ø0.1 – ø25mm range can be achieved. It is highly suitable suited for pin gage measurement.
– Narrow range accuracy of ±(0.3+0.1 D)?m for high precision measurement.
– Ultra-high repeatability of ±0.05?m.
– The system consists of a measuring unit (LSM-902) and a display unit (LSM-6900).

A compact controller which could be used for multi-unit system configurations.
Capable of simple connection to a PC via USB.
A Panel-mount type display unit designed for the LSM-S series.
Analog I/O and RS-232C is standard.
Measurement of odd fluted parts, and simultaneous measurement / 2-program function included.

2-axis display unit enables 2 items to be displayed simultaneously.
Capable of statistical analysis such as:average, maximum value, minimum value, range (max. – min.) and more.
Segment measurement (7 points) or edge measurement (1 to 255 edge) can be selected.
A function to eliminate abnormal values is standard.
100 tolerance values, preset values, or settings can be stored.

** Cannot be connected to 544-496A.
** Previous models such as 544-451 cannot be connected.