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Built-in ABSOLUTE linear encoder this encoder eliminates the necessity of setting the reference point at every poweron. It has improved reliability because no over-speed error will occur.
Fine-adjustment carriage for smooth movement.
Carbide-tipped scriber is provided.
With SPC data output.

Built in ABSOLUTE linear encoder.
This encoder eliminates the necessity of setting the reference point at every power-on. It has improved reliability because no over-speed error will occur.
Rigid column structure ensures high measuring accuracy.
With large smooth slider feed wheel.
Carbide-tipped scriber is provided.
With SPC data output.

‘- Allows quick measurement of center-to-center distance between holes
– Measurable hole diameters: Ø1-Ø38mm/.040″–1.50″

‘- The CERA Caliper Checker is designed to inspect vernier, dial and Digimatic calipers. It is comprised of permanently wrung, high-grade CERA gage blocks in a protective casting.
– The CERA Caliper Checker also stands perpendicular to a surface for height gage inspection.
– The zirconia based ceramic CERA measuring blocks are corrosion resistant and dimensionally stable.

‘- The Contact Sensor eliminates errors caused by jacking-up the height gage too much while taking measurements. When the scriber of a height gage touches a conductive work piece, an indicator will light up to indicate that measurement can be taken, which will result in consistent height measurements
– Power supply: SR-44, 2 pcs.

‘- Attached to a height gage to measure groove and hole depth.
– Minimum hole diameter: 5.5mm
– Maximum distance from the bottom of the holding bar to the contact point:80mm (metric type), 2.95” (inch type)
– Uses standard dial indicator points

‘- Easy and error-free reading with both up and down digital counters as well as a dial.
– Provided with a feed wheel for easy coarse feeding.
– Carbide-tipped scriber is provided.
– The counters and dial can be re-zeroed at any scriber position.

Highly versatile multi-function type.
Carbide-tipped long scriber is provided.
Rigid construction ensures repeatable measurement.
Coarse/fine feed switching.
Bi-directional touch-signal probe is an optional accessory. It can quickly and accurately measure steps, inside width, and outside width.
With SPC data output.

• Switchable resolution (.0002”/0.005mm or.0005”/0.01mm)
• Easy-to-use standard type.
• Carbide-tipped scriber is provided.
• Double-column structure ensures high measuring accuracy.
• Coarse/fine feed switching.
• Two preset reference heights.

  • Excellent accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)?m with 0.1?m/0.5?m resolution/repeatability.
  • Perpendicularity (frontal) of 5?m and straightness of 4?m are guaranteed.
  • Pneumatic full/semi-floating system allows adjustment of air-cushion height.
  • Basic statistical functions are provided and, additionally, RS-232C / USB data output provides the option of evaluating measurement data externally with SPC software on a PC.
  • One-key operation for running a semi-automatic measurement.
  • Data entry from a Digimatic tool.
  • Newly developed high accuracy and high resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection.
  • Easy reference icon keys.
  • Possible to measure inside/outside diameter via unique process (detect the circle apex and process by tracing measurement).
  • Various types of optional probes are available.
  • Large size LCD with back light.
  • GO/±NG judgment is performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances. If a judgment result is out of tolerance, the display backlighting changes from green to red, so tolerance judgment can be made at a glance.
  • Slider elevation knob (for travel) / wheel (for measurement).
  • With SPC and USB output.
  • The Light Weight Height Gage is designed for scribing from a vertical base or for small parts.
  • Stain chrome finished scales for glare-free reading.
  • Beam and slider are made of stainless steel.
  • Carbide-tipped scriber is provided.